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Nebraska State Fire Marshal

Scott Cordes, State Fire Marshal


Hazmat Awareness Level (6 hrs)

Course Description

This course is based on NFPA 472, 2013 edition, Responders to Hazardous Materials/Weapons of Mass Destruction Incidents. This program is designed to familiarize individuals, who may come upon emergency involving hazardous materials, with the knowledge to initiate a proper sequence of responder procedures and to notify the proper authorities of a potential problem.

Class participants will be given the opportunity to review the key components of hazardous materials response. They will discuss the definition of hazardous materials and the risks associated with response. Identification of hazardous materials, placards and labels and containers will be reviewed, hazard classes and divisions along with the potential harm from different materials will be reviewed, and shipping papers and other means of positive identification will be discussed.

Class participants will also review the military markings utilized, fixed facility markings, material safety data sheets, and the proper use of detection clues. Issues addressing response to terrorism incidents, and safe and effective response procedures will be reviewed. The North American Emergency Response Guidebook will be utilized by the students with all sections of the guidebook explained and reviewed. Each individual will have the opportunity to validate for themselves their knowledge of all subject matter by participating in three segment question and answer evaluations.


Hazmat Awareness Level Refresher (3 hrs)

This course was designed to allow emergency responders to meet those requirements as set forth in the OSHA Regulations and promulgated by the EPA. The regulations state that all emergency responders must have annual refresher training to maintain their competency or must demonstrate their competency to their employer annually.

The course is not designed to instruct all components of the Hazardous Materials First Responder Awareness Level, but to address and review those key items that must be understood by all responders. The course will also address any new issues, regulations, codes, etc. that may have been introduced during the year. The course will be reviewed each year, and any changes in response procedures or the above mentioned regulations will be implemented into the curriculum.

The course will enforce the proper response methods to be used and will make sure they understand that they are to take no further action beyond notification of the proper authorities of the emergency with the exception of those specific steps that are set forth in the first responders emergency response plan as deemed proper by the individual employer.