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Nebraska State Fire Marshal

Scott Cordes, State Fire Marshal

Burn Permits

The State Fire Marshal’s office has two types of burn permits – an Open Burn Permit and a Structure Burn Permit. These permits are issued by the state’s fire departments in accordance with state law.

Anyone obtaining either type of burn permit should also contact the Department of Environmental Quality regarding their requirements affecting open burns and any forms they may require.


Open Burn Permit

In accordance with State Statute 81-520.01 “(1) There shall be a statewide open burning ban on all bonfires, outdoor rubbish fires, and fires for the purpose of clearing land.” 

Before any open burning is done, a permit must be obtained from the local fire chief or his/her designee on a form prescribed by the State Fire Marshal. Fire chiefs may contact our office at (402) 471-2027 to obtain a pad of Open Burn Permits. 


Structure Burn Permit

State Statute 28-506 allows for “structures as condemned by law, structures no longer having any value for habitation or business or no longer serving any useful value in the area in which situated, and any other combustible material that will serve to be used for test fires to educate and train members of organized fire departments and promote fire safety anywhere in Nebraska” to be destroyed by burning. 

“Before the structure may be destroyed by fire for training and educational purposes” a permit must be obtained from the State Fire Marshal. The local fire chief must complete the first page of the permit. The second page requires the owner to give permission for the burn and their signature be notarized. The Structure Burn Permit may be downloaded and mailed to the address listed on the application. For more information, contact the Main Office at (402) 471-2027. Please use the following link for assistance with the legal description of the property.