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Nebraska State Fire Marshal

Christopher Cantrell, State Fire Marshal

Plans Submittal

Electronic Applications

New! Max individual file size limit has been increased to 4 GB (4,000 MB)!
NOTE:  This application requires either Google Chrome or Edge (formerly Firefox). Older versions of Firefox and Safari may cause errors in your submission.
A prior Plan Submission number is required. Your plan number is contained in the Email Subject sent to you when a plan is placed into "Awaiting Assignment". It is in a (MM###-YY) format.
Updated weekly. Check the status of a Plans Application in one of four status categories.
To qualify for an Expedited Plan Review, please follow the steps listed in the above document carefully. Correct labeling of the plan is required to be considered for the expedited process.
NOTE: Applications missing the "3RD PARTY" designation will be entered into the regular queue. Please review the instructions carefully.
NOTE: Local and Delegated Authorities and their associated Plan Examiners are not considered Third Party Reviewers and should not be used as such.
NOTE: The Third-Party Reviewer should be impartial and not in-house.

Plan Review Fees

 How to Utilize the Fee Calculator (Please refer to when using the Fee Calculator)
Fee Calculator (Updated: 5/11/22) [Click to download Excel document]

Additional Plans Applications and Information

Equivalency form, Fire Suppression System Application for Water-Based Fire Protection, Fire Protection of Cooking Operations.