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Nebraska State Fire Marshal

Scott Cordes, State Fire Marshal

Retail Stands

Anyone wishing to sell fireworks to consumers during the July or December selling period must complete the retail stand application and pay a $25.00 non-refundable fee.

Beginning in 2013, applications may only be submitted online.

For July sales, all applications must be received by the State Fire Marshal's Office on or before June 9. For December sales, all applications must be received by the State Fire Marshal's Office on or before December 12. Applications will not be accepted after the deadline.

It is not necessary to have your sales tax number at the time you apply for your retail license although you must obtain one eventually and pay sales tax on the items you sell. If you will have multiple stands, you only need one sales tax number for all the stands; not one per stand. To obtain a sales tax number or for answers to your questions regarding sales tax collection/payment, contact the Department of Revenue’s Taxpayer Assistance toll free number (800) 742-7474. You may also download the Form 20 Application from Revenue’s website.

There have been significant changes to the statutes regulating the sale of fireworks in Nebraska. The list of statutes below will provide information on the new requirements. There are new definitions in Nebraska. These statutes will also provide the timeframe and sales period in which the fireworks may be sold. These statutes will be the governing rules for this selling season. Applicants should also read “Rules for Retail Sales of Consumer Fireworks.”


Online Application

The screens are self-explanatory. Please read all instructions on each screen carefully. Please go slowly through the screens and make sure you enter the information correctly. If you will have multiple retail locations you may enter information for up to 10 locations on the same application.

You may select multiple distributors if necessary. Read the instructions provided in the online application to accurately make your selection of distributors. Only those distributors and jobbers who are licensed will appear in the list. Jobbers cannot select themselves as the distributor for their retail stands. They must select their distributor(s). Others applying for a retail stand license should select the distributor(s) and/or jobber(s) they will be obtaining fireworks from.

You will receive an email advising if your application was approved or denied. If your application is denied, the email will give the reason(s) why. You will need to reapply and correct the problems. No charges will be made against your account until your application is approved.

Again, please go slowly through the screens and read all instructions.