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Nebraska State Fire Marshal

Jim Heine, State Fire Marshal

Firefighting Basics

(33 hours)

Firefighting Basics class is a 33-hour class designed for the Firefighter that doesn’t want to take the Firefighter I class for certification but would like to learn the basics of firefighting. Nothing from this class may be substituted for portions of the Firefighter I curriculum. This class may be also self-taught through the firefighters local fire department and is available by requesting a CD of the program from the State Fire Marshal Training Division.

Topics Include:



2016 - 24 Civilian; 0 Fire Service

2015 - 19 Civilian; 0 Fire Service

2014 - 19 Civilian; 1 Fire Service

2013 - 21 Civilian; 0 Fire Service

2012 - 22 Civilian; 0 Fire Service

2011 - 18 Civilian; 0 Fire Service

2010 - 21 Civilian; 0 Fire Service



2017 - 61 hospitals have sent reports of 192 firework-related injuries during the survey period of June 25 through July 5, 2017. 16 hospitals reported No Injuries Treated.

Mobile Home Parks

At the request of the Department of Health and Human Services Regulation and Licensure, we will conduct fire safety inspections of any mobile home park seeking a license or license renewal.


Initial Inspection $75


Liquor Establishments

Upon request of the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission, we conduct fire safety inspections of liquor establishments renewing their license or applying for a license. The reinspection fee is the same for both types of establishments.


Health Care Facilities

Included in this category are licensed hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, intermediate care facilities, health clinics, assisted living units and other health care facilities licensed under the Health Care Facility Licensure Act. In addition, we also inspect those facilities that are not scheduled for federal surveys. Inspections are conducted in accordance with NFPA codes.