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Nebraska State Fire Marshal

Jim Heine, State Fire Marshal

Request for Reciprocity

Reciprocity Policy

Individuals who wish to obtain recognition for certification earned and received from another certification entity must follow the following process. The Training/Certification Division of Nebraska will only recognize certifications the bare and IFSAC or ProBoard seal or registry.

The steps for reciprocity are:

Hazmat Operations Level (HMOL) Certification

NFPA Standard: NFPA 472, 2013, Chapter 5, 6.2, 6.6

Accredited: IFSAC: Yes, NPQS: Yes

Prerequisites: Hazardous Materials – Awareness

Description: Operations level responders are those persons who respond to hazardous materials/WMD incidents for the purpose of protecting nearby persons, the environment, or property from the effects of the release. They should be trained to respond in a defensive fashion to control the release from a safe distance and keep it from spreading.

Fire Officer I Certification

Class Overview

Fire Officer I is a front line officer and a line supervisor in the fire department organization, a person certified to this level will be able to perform routine administrative functions, recommend action for employees, follow department/agency administrative polices, assist in the budget process, interact with the media by assisting press releases, manage single-unit responses to an incident, secure a fire scene, conduct initial accident investigation, and make recommendations to change policy or procedures, and conduct a post-incident analysis (PIA).